American Prize Finalist: Watershed

July 18, 2023

Oliver is a Finalist for the American Prize in Instrumental Chamber Music for Watershed, the title track on his 2021 album.

Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, Watershed was inspired by one of Oliver’s favorite walks along the Mystic River in Massachusetts.

“From the boat launch in Medford Square, just a few blocks from my house, I meander for miles upriver, eventually reaching a series of gleaming lakes.

While this urban oasis has provided solace and inspiration for years, in 2020 it became something more: a lifeline. Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic and the claustrophobia of staying home for extended periods, this green corridor quiets my mind and fills my soul with light. I return over and over again, finding hope in the enduring beauty of the natural world.”

The American Prize is a national competition, recognizing excellence in the arts. Oliver is also a Finalist for the 2023 Prize in Vocal Chamber Music, for The New Colossus.

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