Early Praise for “You Are Not Alone”

December 18, 2017

Apple iTunes published this editor’s review of Oliver’s new album You Are Not Alone:

There’s a beautiful simplicity about Oliver Caplan’s music, infused as much of it is with the evocative sounds of folk song. The intimate “To the Sea,” the longest work here, paints a tender portrait of coastal communities, while the four-movement title suite “You Are Not Alone” is a personal, heartrending voyage through—and away from—the shattering pain of grief. The luminous beauty of Caplan’s music stems from his influences Aaron Copland and John Corigliano—most apparent in the gorgeous “Love Letters,” a touching tribute to Caplan’s husband. 

The American Prize has named Oliver a semi-finalist for the 2017 prize in vocal chamber music composition for the album’s capstone track, Connect All. We All Connect. (lyrics by Barry Duncan). Finalists will be announced soon.


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